Hotel Galvez {Galveston, Texas}

Hotel Galvez, Room 501. "A-Ha" EVP

  Very interesting EVP Caught at Hotel Galvez, room 501. A woman's voice? Pay close attention at the 1:15 mark. You can hear moaning or humming and at 1:20 "Ah-Ha!"  

Galvez Growl, EVP

   Shocking growl and snort from inside the room.  

Hotel Galvez, Room 501. Knocks and Growl

 EVP Caught at Hotel Galvez, room 501. Knocks and growl.  

Galvez Knocking

 Knocking on a hard surface in room 501 continues for an incredible 7 minutes. No knocking sound was recorded before or after this specific event.