Historic Nutt House Hotel {Granbury, Texas}

Ghost Girl, Sally. Haunted Nutt House Hotel. Room 5

 Room 5 at the Historic Nutt House Hotel in Granbury, Texas is said to have many spirits. Room 5 is reported to house the spirit of a young girl named Sally.   Guests have reported paranormal activity in room 5. TEXSPR was there to investigate and came away with some compelling evidence.  Video was shot in room 5. No other guests were on the floor at the time.  Footsteps and claps can clearly be heard at the 0:41 mark.   Sally was asked if she could make some type of noise if she could. 

Nutt House Hotel, EVP of Womans Voice

 Interesting EVP of a woman's voice in an empty room (Room 5) reported to have paranormal activity. 

Haunted Nutt House Hotel, Room 5. Ghost girl, Sally.

 First instance of Sally making herself known. Clear footsteps and clapping can be heard. Sally was asked to make any kind of noise she would like. 

Haunted Nutt House Hotel, Room 5. Sally Steps and Claps 2

 Again, Sally steps towards one of the recorders in room 5 and makes herself know. Seems like an intelligent haunting. 

Haunted Nutt House Hotel, Room 5. Sally number three.

 Ghost girl, Sally seems to walk past the recorder, but not before clapping her hands as she does.