The Ott Hotel {Liberty, Texas}

Ott Hotel Room 212. Woman's voice humming.

 Get your earphones out. Woman's voice humming followed by a knock. Very clear at 0:31 

Ott Hotel Room 212. Shadow Entity

 Shadow darts in and out of the cameras frame four separate times from behind the bed. Incredibly rare to capture a shadow entity on film.

 0:12, 0:16, 1:08 and 2:02.  (Bottom right corner) Pitch black room. Only IR cameras were rolling. 

Ott Hotel Growl

At the 0:09 mark, a clear growling sound can be heard.

Ott Hotel. Footsteps in an Empty Room.

 Heavy footsteps walking towards the camera in an empty room. 0:19  The footsteps cause the camera to shake. Followed by a knock. 

Ott Hotel Voices

Woman humming at 0:13 and 0:45. Also another voice is heard at 0:22.

Ott Hotel Womans Voice

Interesting EVP of a woman's voice.